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Our Approach | Fusion Teaching
Chinese (Simplified) English

Our Approach

Our Fusion Approach

When we were involved in a joint venture between Unitec NZ and Fanzhidu, Beijing, and examined students for the oral and written components of the IELTS, the experiences fuelled our interest in language teaching and learning in China. Further research helped us develop the Fusion Teaching model, which we define as a synergy of traditional and contemporary theory and teaching techniques, based on the language needs of Confucian Heritage Culture learners.

It combines the strengths of traditional local approaches, such as memorization, understanding, reflecting and questioning, with contemporary international views on teaching.  We believe that this combination leads to more efficient learning and higher levels of fluency than a single use of either the traditional or communicative approaches.

We have since discovered that the Fusion Teaching model is highly effective, not only for CHC learners but for students with different backgrounds and from all corners of the world.

Key Fusion Components:

  • techniques to combine model-based memorizing and analysis with skills-based fluency development
  • integration to provide context and maximize efficiency in learning
  • interaction within and outside the class to generate fluency
  • interest in topics to motivate interaction and learning