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Our Team

Our team brings together international expertise in the field of teaching, teacher training and education management.

Maria Bjorning Gyde


Maria was born in Sweden and has lived in New Zealand for many years. She has a special interest in course design and management, and has gathered extensive experience in exam preparation for the IELTS, TOEFL, and the Cambridge Suite throughout her teaching career in Sweden, NZ, China and Hong Kong. Maria is a Trainer and Course Director on the Trinity Certificate in TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) in Hong Kong. She is also a Moderator for the Trinity CertTESOL, assuring the quality of an international qualification in the East-Asian and South-Pacific regions. In her free time, Maria enjoys spending time with her dogs and watching movies.

Frank Doogan


Frank came to New Zealand from Ireland at the age of three. He has been engaged in teaching and teacher training in Japan, the UK, NZ and China, and specializes in classroom methodology for the local context. Frank regularly travels to Mainland China to train teachers to prepare students for the Trinity GESE exams. He has been an IELTS examiner in New Zealand and with the British Council in China. Frank is a Trainer and Course Director on the Trinity College London CertTESOL in Hong Kong. In his free time, he likes taking photos, reading and watching rugby.

Diederik Van Gorp


Diederik was born in Belgium and worked as a journalist and editor there before embarking on a teaching career in China. He taught various ages and levels before moving into academic management and teacher training in Shanghai. Diederik has been able to combine his expertise with his passion for film through his work with language learning videos in Los Angeles. Diederik is a Trainer and Course Director on the Trinity CertTESOL in Hong Kong. During holidays, he is keen on travelling and hiking off the beaten track.

Angelina Komar


Of Indonesian/Pilipino background, Angie was born and bred in Hong Kong. She received her tertiary education in the UK, but returned to Hong Kong for a career in the ESL sector. She has since worked as a programme coordinator, staff development manager and curriculum developer for local HK schools through English for Asia. Angie is a Trainer on the Trinity CertTESOL in Hong Kong. With strong interpersonal skills, her particular strengths include teaching observation and feedback. In her free time, Angie enjoys dragon boat racing and kick-boxing.

Peter Andrews


Peter is from the UK and grew up in the Canary Islands. He has gained valuable, diverse experience in East Asian countries and the UK in both private and public institutions. His academic interests include accommodating learner diversity, self-access learning and the principled use of learning technologies. He has been involved with voluntary teaching work in Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, East Timor and China. Peter is a Trainer and Course Director on the Trinity CertTESOL in Hong Kong. On days off, he enjoys motorbikes, hiking and philosophy.

Luo Xiao Lora


Lora was born in China and worked as an editor and teacher in Beijing after receiving her Master’s degree in English education in the U.S. She is particularly interested in learning strategies and has been able to weave her expertise into the teaching of students of various levels. She has gained significant experience via her work in curriculum design and teacher training for schools in mainland China. Lora is a Trinity GESE examiner and successfully carries out examination sessions with candidates of different levels and backgrounds. In her free time, she likes watching movies and taking photos.